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The "Recipe"

Emily hails from Madison, WI and has many passions ranging from running to baking. She has made a habit out of fueling her own passion for dessert by making delicious treats for her friends and family. Emily married into a family with some Dutch roots which has inspired the flavors behind her treats.

Baby Onesie Decorated Sugar Cookie Boy Girl Gender Reveal

Rooted in Traditions

We have some Dutch roots, which has inspired the almond flavor in the cookies. However, within the family, the sugar cookie was viewed as a labor of love worth doing about once a year. After a lot of practice, Emily was able to tinker with recipes to find a combination of tasty cookies and icing that allowed her to start diving into the decorating world. Now, it has become a staple for all celebrations now!

Snoep is Dutch for Sweets!

A Family Affair

Snoep is led by Emily, but is truly a family affair. We are excited to serve our local community in this way, but are regularly involved in the community in many other ways. We are excited to hear how we can craft cookie memories for you, your friends, and your family!

Thank you so much for considering Snoep and getting to know us better!

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