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If you believecookiesare meant to be eatenand enjoyed, then...let's talk!

We focus onmaking tasy andtasteful treatsthat you canenjoy for anyoccasion!

What's stopping you?

These Cookies are Made to Your Specific Order


Why sacrifice taste?

Dessert is meant to be indulgent and we have crafted a recipe that allows us to have a soft sugar cookie with chew and an icing that allows for cute but still tasty decoration. Almond extract adds flavor to both the cookie and the icing!

Sugar Cookie Stack


Great taste shouldn't sacrifice great design.

Our designs focus on being refined for grown-ups and inviting for kids. Our goal is that all ages will be excited to see our cookies!

All Occasions

Enjoy any time for any reason!

We look forward to working with you on crafting cookies for special occasions, but cookies can be enjoyed any time! Don't wait, enjoy every day!

Princess Sugar Cookies Decorated
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